Outdoor Research Hat: Onrush Review

Upon first look the Outdoor Research hat the Onrush looks like a regular cap. However upon closer inspection this Outdoor Research hat is ready to hit the trails with you for your long distance runs over hill and over dale.

outdoor research hat onrush landon faulkner

I recently had the opportunity to be part of Outdoor Research’s #ORInsightLab. The Onrush Outdoor Research hat has come by way of the #ORInsightLab, which is made up of a group of outdoor bloggers/social media peeps. Outdoor Research sends out some gear to each participant, specific to the season and that person’s particular sport, then asks that they test and impartially review the gear. I received trail running specific product, including this Outdoor Research hat, the Echo Ubertube (read review here), and some other product which will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

So that’s a quick explanation of the #ORInsightLab and why you will see continued OR product reviews like this Outdoor Research hat review. I’ve also decided to start at the top (my head that is) and work my way down (to me feet) in regards to my reviews. I started with the Echo Ubertube and now it’s on to the Onrush cap.

The Specs

OR explains that this Outdoor Research hat is the most breathable of all their running caps, made from perforated polyester mesh and weighing it at only 1.7 ounces. Besides the lightweight feel and breath-ability of the hat the trim is reflective and it features a handy buckle closure.  Overall this Outdoor Research hat is lightweight, breathable and ready for the trails.

outdoor research hat onrush landon faulkner

Do I Like It?

Well, to answer your question, yes, yes I do like it. I like it a lot actually. This Outdoor Research hat is seriously trail ready. One of my favorite features is the buckle closure system. It allows me to buckle my hat on my hydration pack when I’m running in the dark allowing me to use my headlamp. With the easy clip I am able to forgo having to stuff it in my pack which is generally tight for space. I also love the breath-ability of this Outdoor Research hat. On those really hot afternoon runs it is so nice to have something which shields the sun and stops the sweat from rolling into my eyes while not feeling weighed down or hot.

Outdoor Research hat onrush review

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new running cap or are realizing that your perfectly good baseball cap may not be perfectly good for running I highly suggest checking out the Onrush cap. This Outdoor Research hat has you set for your longest hardest runs. It’s easy to forget about something as small as a hat when purchasing new gear for the trails, but after having logged some rough miles with this Outdoor Research hat it’s easy to say that having the right hat for the run actually does make a big difference. Take a look at the Onrush cap yourself by clicking right here I think you’ll be glad you did.

Landon is the creator of #makeadventure. He believes life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and that regardless of the circumstance adventure should always be made. Landon was raised in Northern California where he and his wife, Kyra and daughter, Paityn now live. He and Kyra met while attending school at the University of Utah.

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3 thoughts on “Outdoor Research Hat: Onrush Review”

  1. nice review! after spending many miles removing my heavy (but fave!), onesize baseball hat this weekend, i definitely see the need for a lightweight, breathable hat. and buckle closure is a handy feature!

    1. I used to rock a basic baseball cap as well, for the longest time! When I finally switched to an actual lightweight breathable hat a few years ago I was amazed I hadn’t done it sooner. The Onrush is pretty awesome too! Glad you like yours as well! I’ve been enjoying your reviews!

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